Common Uses for the Cloud

The Six Most Common Uses for the Cloud

big data1) There is the debate between an Infrastructure as a service versus platform as a service. The PaaS offers ease of deployment and faster capabilities. The Iaas offers a pay-as-you-go type of thing. Both have benefits. Both have weaknesses. There is no way to debate this in a genuine fashion. It all comes down to what your company needs and wants.

2) There is the private cloud and the hybrid cloud. Both have benefits. The hybrid allows you to test and develop ideas to see if they work. This time and space are given to you in a reasonable setting. The public cloud does not allow for this as much. This decision is another choice that is left up to the person or company. This all depends on the stage of your company and your protocols.

3) The cloud allows you to test and develop things in a way you could not achieve otherwise. Spline Product Development can test things before they go out to the public. Think of this scenario as in the Windows 10 situation, without the aggressive deployment. Had Windows 10 gotten more testing time, then it might not have gotten the response it has. This type of responding time is what you are looking for with the cloud. You can do things are your pace.

4) You will have access to both the structured and unstructured data. Think of this as a report card. This way you know where to harness your untapped energy and resources. You will have a bug report on your strengths and weaknesses. You can extract information on your target audience. Find out what they are like and dislike. Find out how they are responding to your brand beforehand. This is a great way to make adjustments. Think of this as a “cheat sheet”. You will get the answers you need before the questions are asked.

cloud computing5) Your file storage will be unbelievable. You will be able to store things in places you never dreamed. The best part is the storage is streamlined. You can kick out the information you do not want.

6) You will be able to recover from any disaster at a faster pace, especially from multiple locations. It is all mashed up together. When one file goes down, the troops come in. This can be down at a lower cost too. Compare this incentive to other services likes the cloud. You will see a marked difference.