Privacy Concerns

The Privacy Concerns You Need to be Aware of With the Cloud

privacy1) The Business Associate Agreement. Review each and every line of these terms and agreements. Make sure the regulations are in place for both parties. Make sure that transparency is the order of the day. Make sure bias and prejudice are being kept off of the dotted line.

2) The Breach Protocols. Have someone or something in place to handle all breaches. You can not handle this by yourself. You can not handle this internally. No company can. It is illegal to do so. Test them out. See if they work. Go back to the drawing board when they do not work out for you. Every protocol needs to be in place and working properly, without any loopholes.

3) Social media has to have rules too. Make sure social media outlets are not breaching your information. Companies are relying more and more on social media. This is exactly why everyone has to play by the rules. No exceptions.